WWT provides a comprehensive water purification solution
  The W3T™ module will produce the highest quality water through the following:  
  Eliminates waterborne bacteria (E.coli, Faecal Coliform, Legionella)  
  Eliminates parasites (Cryptosporidium, Amoeba, Giardia)  
  Eliminates Protozoa, Yeast, Cysts, Algae, Fungus, Mould Spores)
  Removal/reduction of detergent, detergent residues, hormones, proteins and oils
  Elimination of odours, bad tastes, discolouration
  The application of W3T™ with EMT© Technology will result in:  
  Significant reduction in the risk of illness  
  Reduced operating expenses  
  Lowers capital outlays
The W3T™ module will, decompose dissolved organic matter to carbon dioxide and froth. Dependent upon the composition of the wastewater being treated off in a separate waste stream and collected for further processing or disposal by others.
  What Makes the W3T™ Unique?
  The W3T™ module is unique becausE:  
  “Plug & Play” in a containerised system  
  Minimum maintenance because:
  • No consumable filters/membranes used
  • No chemical additives required
  All that is needed is air and electricity.
  How Does It Work?
  The elements of the W3T™ module are:  
  UV – ultraviolet light (germicidal wavelength) proven in water purification  
  O3 – ozone, one of natures most reactive cleaning agents, again proven in water purification  
  EMT© – (Enhanced-Mass-Transfer) our proprietary system for contacting UV, O3 and water (covering geometry, impact angle, optimum velocity gradients and bubble size distribution)